2004 grand prix flasher relay?

I got a 2004 Grand Prix. My left front signal light wont flash but the rest of them do so I am guessing that it is the flasher relay… Yes I did change the bulb too… But I cant seem to locate the relay anywhere. Nor is there any indication on where it is in the owners manual.. Basically just asking if anyone knows the exact location of this relay… Thanks

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  • 8 days ago

    In the instrument panel there is a button that operates the 4 way flashers. This button assembly is also the flasher relay. Not all that difficult to replace.

    Now the bad news. You won’t find this at your local automotive parts store. You will need to get this from your closest GM dealer parts counter. Expect to pay around $100 to get that Great GM Feeling.

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    8 days ago

    UM!!!! Skippy above needs to work on vehicles at least once. The flasher is built into the turn signal assembly & does not have the relays on this car. Your confusing Grand Ams with GP.

    Something doesnt add up here in fellow!!! You said the left ffront wont flash but the others do. Is the left rear actually blinking but flashing fast & the indicator on the dash should be flashing fast as well???? If you say yes to that, I would go back & relook at the how you got it plugged in. You may be using the wrong bulb or got it in wrong or the socket could have issues. If the back is flashing on the same side, then it isnt the relay.

    And to be the bearer of more bad news but there are no relays whatsoever in that circuit for the turn signals at all. Not sure what the heck the above person commenting on is suggesting but according to the GM Service Manuals, no relays present at all.

    The Body Control Module controls it all, the relays are internal to it & not serviced seperately. And since you said the other side is working, we know the BCM is trying to work

    But if the back isnt flashing either, you may be looking at replacing the Body Control Module or possibly the turn signal switch

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