Braces and Brace Molds (10 points best answer)?

Hi. I am getting my braces in about 2-3 months, and I am really nervous. The only reason I am nervous is bcz I don’t want to gag when I get molds done, since I have never had molds before. Is there any tips or advice that you can give me so I won’t gag? Like for example, breathing through your nose, sitting up straight, etc…. Thank you so much! I am young, so I am really nervous…… Thanks everyone.

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  • 1 month ago

    I have the same gagging problem as you. When I got my molds for my braces done, I was gagging a lot and they had to redo the molds several times to get them right. My dentist taught me a trick to do a couple years back because I used to gag a lot when they tried to put the rubber in my mouth for annual x-rays. Relax yourself as much as you can, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, count back from 100, and concentrate all your mind to pointing your toes. It sounds weird, but it works really well because it distracts your mind from all the stuff in your mouth. I am getting my braces off in less than 3 months and will have to get the molds re-taken so they can fit me for retainers, and will be using these techniques. I highly recommend you try them out!

  • fratellis227
    1 month ago

    The molds aren’t that big of a deal. It takes like 15 minutes for them to do your whole mouth and if you do feel gaggy (highly unlikely), just breath through your nose.

    If I were you, I’d be worrying about gagging when they put the actual braces on. At my orthodontist, they do indirect bonding and you can’t have any moisture on your teeth when they do it. I had lip retractors, a tongue guard, cotton pads over my saliva glands, and major suction in my mouth when they put mine on. I didn’t gag, but if was very uncomfortable, and your mouth gets so dry that you start feeling a little sick.

    Sorry, I’m not trying to freak you out, but I’m just giving you the facts. That was my personal experience. Your’s might be completely different.

  • sunkistspiker
    1 month ago

    For one I think freaking out about it won’t help at all, it’s unpleasant, yeah. But, it’s really not that bad. I have a really sensitive gag reflex so whenever I have to get mold I breath through my nose, distract myself by thinking about something else and *obviously* don’t swallow or clear my throat or anything like that. It only lasts a minute and to tell you the truth that’s the least of your worries what with having to get braces. Though even those aren’t that bad. Good luck!

  • sloperider505
    1 month ago

    You should have no issues with the mold. The worst thing is just having to sit there for like ten minutes with your a bunch of really bad tasting chemicals in your mouth. Just listen to the Orthodontist and you shouldn’t gag!

  • ♥LoVe♥PeAcE♥hApPiNeSs♥
    1 month ago

    well i have gotten 3 molds before and none of tem bothered me.

    What they do is take this purple/pink stuff and as it hardens it turns white. they a big glob of it on a mouth piece that fits in your mouth and that leave it there until it is almost completly dry. usually they dont put it in your mouth till its light pink (and almost dry).

    they also give you a choice of flavors like bubble gum, cookie dough, buttersotch, grape,cherry, strawberry, watermelon, popcorn,….. and more.

    you should always breathe through your nose so you dont acedently swallow it.

    they worst part is after the molds are out there always is alot of little bits of dry plaster stuffs in your teeth. but its not really that bad.

    anywayss, i hope i helped you out…… and enjoy your braces

  • moose
    1 month ago

    It might feel like the material is in your mouth for 10 minutes, but it’s not really that long, just a few. don’t be worried about it or you’ll be so nervous you’ll make it worse. It’s not a big deal really. You should be ok. good luck

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