Cambuslang: A nice place to live?


I was thinking of moving to one of the sandstone villas just off Brownside Road in Cambuslang. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences of living there?

I know parts of Cambuslang get a bad name, but that area seems nice to me. Does anyone know what it’s like? Is there ever any trouble there? What sort of people live there?

Thanks for the help

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  • 1 month ago

    Good area.Little chance of trouble there,but remember you have to go to other parts of Cambuslang for shopping,kids schooling,etc.However,if you have to live in Glasgow,Cambuslang isn’t bad at all.The Circuit has disappeared,but you’d never have gone there unless you lived there anyway.Places like Halfway are fine if you’re not wandering around after dark,and even then there are worse parts of Glasgow.Just keep out of the pubs on the Main Street that cater to sectarianism and you’ll find the people to be fine.Try the Ritz Bar,where no matter which foot you kick with you’ll be accepted.

  • female
    1 month ago

    Cambuslang (especially the sandstone properties around Brownside Road) is quite up market and I personally feel is one of the nicer areas of Glasgow. Over the last ten years the ‘bad areas’ which some people refer to have gone through a complete regeneration programme including the “Circuit” and have been demolished and replaced with private housing estates.

  • Tyler’s Mate
    1 month ago

    Brownside Road is a very upmarket and attractive street within a pleasant district called Kirkhill. In truth, few of its residents take much to do with the poorer areas beyond, especially places like Halfway, Westburn or the notorious ‘Circuit’. Your location is bordered by an estate called Whitlawburn, but Kirkhill residents are seldom bothered by anyone from there or elsewhere. If you are going to move there, can I suggest you at least shop in Cambuslang Main Street, a place hugely improved in the past decade.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Hi there, i just moved to Cambuslang 6 months ago, having lived in East Kilbride for 18 years. When we moved everyone was telling us not to move there and how bad the area was and Ive had no problems at all. We Moved to the new flats across from the County Inn in Dukes Road. And its great, your close to everything and the station is only up the road. Yeah that area you are moving to is quite nice , its only up the road from me. Hope this helps a bit.

  • gary r
    1 month ago

    all the scum from easterhouse and port glasgow live up that way keep well away unless you want 64 stitches down your jaw!

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