Can I fit a twin bed mattress in my 2012 Corolla LE?

Hello. I made a deal a seller on a bed frame, and surprisingly, this deal included the mattress. I am going to pick it up right after work and I am concerned that it won’t fit. I am willing to “bend” the mattress if I fold down the seats….

Has anyone had experience? I’ll be driving about 30 miles with this bad boy in my car.

Thanks 🙂

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  • 8 days ago

    I honestly don’t recommend it. Twin mattresses don’t typically fit in cars, even if the back seats fold down.

    I sold mattresses for over 5 years and had several people try to get out of paying delivery by picking it up from the store themselves, and they always had to end up tying it to the roof of their cars. Which even doing that you’re taking a big risk, especially driving 30 miles.

    I would find a friend with a truck or SUV.

  • randyrayd
    8 days ago

    I agree with ice fisher.

    Besides, if it’s a decent mattress, it won’t bend in half anyway. Even with a cheap mattress, bending will break down the mattress. Rent a pickup truck for $20-25 a day from a rental place or Home Depot.

  • tracy t
    8 days ago

    hmm, It seems like it’s going to fit. Just pull your front seats forward and sit very close to the steering wheel and have both of the back seats folded down. You can try folding the front passenger seat down and shove your bed in there. I’ve successfully put a full bed frame from ikea into my friend’s 07 yaris. If it doesn’t fit, make sure you have a rope in handy so you can tie it on the roof of your car and drive slow and locally back home.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Twin Bed Car

  • ?
    8 days ago

    No – it won’t come close to fitting through a door no matter how you mash it. It can be strapped down on the roof but it is tricky and you want to keep the speed under 40 mph.

  • ice fisher
    8 days ago

    im amazed at how many people dont own tape measures. took you longer to ask than to measure.

  • David14
    8 days ago

    No way.

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