can i spray cologne to the cabin air filter in my car?

i’m just wondering that it could be a good idea to spray some kind of air freshener or will it damage something ? have you guy done it? thanks!!!


how about dryer sheets?

how about dryer sheets?

3 answers by real people - can i spray cologne to the cabin air filter in my car?

  • 1 month ago

    They sell this stuff at the auto parts store, called fridggie fresh. There’s other name brands, but what it does is kill the bactieria and mold that keeps smells in your car. Its a blast of alcohol you shoot down all your ac vents. I hit mine 4 months ago and the car still smells fresh and clean, no chemical friut smell or anything. I like it much better than that air freshener. Give it a try… Good luck!

  • kelly_f_1999
    1 month ago

    sure and you can replace them too and spray new one as well long as its less than a gallon of air freshener nothing will get wet and if something was only thing would be is filter

  • murray
    1 month ago

    It wont damage anything, but it does not last at all. I’ve done it. Just get the little cans that you put under the seat from the auto parts store, like everyone else.

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