Can I Swim With My Credit Card?

Hi, I’m planning a tropical vacation, and I hate carrying stuff with me everywhere I go. I only want to keep with me what I need and obviously one of those things is money. I plan on spending most of my vacation days between swimming in the ocean and the pool, and I know keeping cash in my bathing suit is just unintelligent because the cash will get ruined, therefore can i keep a credit card in my bathing suit pocket knowing that it will not get ruined???? I don’t know if salt water in the ocean or the chlorine in the pool will be dangerous to my credit card. I will GREATLY appreciate any input. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    It’s a magnetic strip that makes your credit card work in the scanner and water won’t affect that unless there is an electrical storm (lightning.) I suppose if you do it too much in the chlorine it might eat it off, but even if you do, they can punch the numbers in manually.

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