Could I use deodorant to fill a lighter ?

3 answers by real people - Could I use deodorant to fill a lighter ?

  • 10 hours ago

    How about you use a lighter as a deodorant. You could probably use your . . . well, never mind.

  • grezlbe
    10 hours ago

    You could, assuming that the deodorant has enough flammable chemicals in it, however I don’t think that it would work very well because every deodorant has to contain some non-flammable chemicals. You would only be able to fill the wick style lighters with liquid fuel and you might find that using deodorant would ruin your lighter.

  • rgk134
    10 hours ago

    You can use virtually any flammable liquid to fill a refill a lighter. I’d just go buy refill fluid or lighter fluid if I were you. If necessary, get a cheap lighter from a gas station in the meantime.

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