Do all Shih Tzus teeth stick out?

I’m getting a Shih Tzu in late September and i know a lot of them have a really bad underbite but in every shih tzu do their teeth always stick out?

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  • 10 hours ago

    No, not all shih tzus, I’ve got two shih tzu puppies and they only just had a checkup and one of them might have a problem with his teeth. The vet said that you have to keep a close eye on his teeth and see if their are two teeth growing together(adult and baby). He also said we have to watch that his teeth don’t dig into his lower lip. Just watch your shih tzu and see if he/she have any of these teeth problems. My adult shih tzus don’t have a problem. Hope i Helped:)

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Shih Tzu Teeth Sticking Out

  • Andrew
    10 hours ago

    haha most of their teeth stick out. That’s like asking do all asian’s have VERY-SQUINTED eyes.

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    well most would its not a bad thing but yes they do

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