Do you REALLY have to wear post earrings for 6 months after getting your ears pierced?

I just got my ears pierced tonight and bought hoops and dangly pairs because I was really looking forward to wearing then in 6 weeks. But I just read in my directions for caring for them pamphlet that you have to wear only post earrings for 6 months. Is that true!?

7 answers by real people - Do you REALLY have to wear post earrings for 6 months after getting your ears pierced?

  • 10 hours ago

    You can remove your piercing studs after 6 weeks, but you should continue to wear light weight earrings all the time, 24/7, until your ears have been pierced for at least six months. It’s the weight of your earrings that is important, not the length of the dangles or the size of the hoops. If you wear heavy earrings too soon you can stretch your holes into little slits and your earrings will look like they are ready to fall off of your ears. New skin has to form inside your ears to form your piercing holes. Normally the new skin has formed all the way through your ears after six weeks, but it takes six months for that skin to get as thick as the rest of your skin. You have to wear the earrings used to pierce your ears for the first six weeks. For the second six weeks you should wear only studs earrings on posts. After that you could occasionally wear light weight dangles if they are on posts rather than wires. I have also seen what I will call “almost hoops” that look like hoops but are actually on posts. You could start wearing those occasionally after three months if everything looks OK around your ears. But you really do need to wait the full six months before wearing hoops that have thin wries going through your ears or heavy dangles on wires.

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    10 hours ago

    Yes it’s true….trust me. I’ve had my ears peirced multiple times because I have trouble with piercings, & they closed up so I have experience. Just leave the posts in for 6 weeks and you’ll be’s really not that bad it’s only a month & a half, it will go faster than you know it. If take your earrings out before the healing time is up, and you don’t put earrings in right away they will start to close up within seconds. I took mine out before just to clean it and by the time I was done I had to push the earring back in through skin because it was starting to close up already! So, yeah you could take the chance and switch earrings and have the chance of them getting infected or closing up, or you can deal with the post earrings for a little while and let them heal. Hope I helped! 🙂

  • kiracasnjacsmom
    10 hours ago

    Six weeks for the piercing posts. Follow all the care instructions to prevent infection. After that you have to keep some kind of earring in your ears for at least 6 months to keep it from closing up.

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    6 months is a very long time. You don’t really need to wait that long. 1-2 months would be best. The holes will close up very fast or get infected easily. If you do not allow the piercing to heal, you WILL have to get them redone. Its best you wait for at least 1 month.

  • kenly
    5 days ago

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    10 hours ago

    if its an earlobe piercing u should be able to take it out in 6 weeks! just as long as u clean out ur ear with the after care they gave u! and since u want to take out earring right at 6 weeks! ur pierce hole may not be to big! so just clean ur hands so and water and twist ur earring around!

    so yeh u should be able to wear those hoop earrings u wanna wear!

    if u got ur ears pierced with a gun it might be hard to take out starter earrings! but who knows u might find it easy

  • ?
    10 hours ago

    I’ve heard you have to wear them for 6 weeks. 6 months sounds pretty rediculous.

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