examples of irony in the hobbit?

so im reading the hobbit but i have to find an example of irony and i cant :/ (i finished the book btw). so if u can plz gimme an example, that wud be appreciated, and if u CAN, then say if its verbal, situational, or dramatic. And please dont say “do it urslef” or “read the book” or anything like that…so plz answer if u have an actual answer


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  • 1 month ago

    “With the riddle of the secret door, Tolkien draws his readers into the story by presenting a confusing puzzle that we attempt to solve before the characters do. Tolkien employs this device often—we have already seen it in the riddle game between Bilbo and Gollum. At the mountain, we have an even greater advantage over the characters. The company has passed through many dangers since their last night in Rivendell, where Elrond interpreted the moon runes on the map for them, explaining that the door could open only on Durin’s Day, one of the last days of autumn. Except for Bilbo, they have quite forgotten the message about “when the thrush knocks. . . .”

    We are more likely to have the message fresh in mind, however, especially since the narrator notes several times in Chapter 11 that “Autumn was now crawling towards winter.” The difference between the reader’s knowledge and the characters’ ignorance, A SITUATION OF DRAMATIC IRONY, adds to the suspense and urgency of the moment Bilbo figures out the secret of the door. Tolkien builds tension toward the descent into the mountain and the characters’ confrontation with Smaug by playing upon our desire for the characters to realize what we already know.”

    Although I hate to cut-n-paste in these answers, I think this might be something you could be looking for?

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    well, i’ll tell u this. irony is kinda like the opposite… well, even that isn’t good. it’s like the poachers being killed by what they were poaching. or the man selling lottery tickets getting a winning number. something. i read the hobbit a loooong time ago. so i don’t really remember. foreshadowing is like clues that might help u guess what WILL happen. and hey! why can’t u do this urself?!?!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    well the most obvious irony is that bilbo baggins was a very unwilling traveller but ended up having the best adventure of his life.

    The story about the 3 trolls who were led to think that they were tricking each other when they were all tricked in the end with having been turned to stone.

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