GTA V: How to hire a garage man?

I am not sure that is the name for it. In GTA V online I brought a Apartment with a Garage and it said I could hire a repair man or garage person a day. I don’t know how…. How do you? Thanks for the help!

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  • 8 days ago

    If you have the garage he will already be in your phone under the name “Mechanic” call him and he will deliver any car to you that is not a) destroyed or b) impounded. You must not be too close to your garage before you call him and sometimes he does fail to deliver the car but most the time it works.

  • Scott
    8 days ago

    Considering you said "garage man" I'm assuming you're under 17 which is too young to play this game.. But he is called a mechanic and his name is jimmy! Buy an apartment with a garage you automatically get him.

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    If you mean mechanic?, then he’s already on your phone.

  • Jeremiah
    8 days ago

    he should be already on your phone just contact him and hell bring you a vehicle

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