HarmonTec DV-302?

I have a HarmonTec DVD player with no remote. I need the code so that I can program it into my Direct TV remote. Anyone have any idea what the code is? I can’t even find the manufacturer on the net… Please help!

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  • 1 month ago

    Try a code search

    1. Turn on the TV or component. Insert a tape or disk if applicable. 2. Slide the MODE switch to theposition, as desired. 3. Press and hold the MUTE and SELECT keys at the same time until the green light under the selected switch position flashes twice, then release both keys. 4. Enter 9-9-1 followed by one of the following digits:

    Satellite – 0

    TV – 1

    DVD – 2

    5. Press PWR, 6. Point the remote at the TV or component and press CHAN+. Repeatedly press CHAN+ until the TV or component turns off. NOTE: Every time CHAN+ is pressed the remote advances to the next code and power is transmitted to the component. 7. Use the CHAN- key to step back a code. 8. When the TV or component turns off, stop pressing the CHAN+ key. Then, press and release the SELECT key.

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