How can I tell if an image is vector?

I need to send some logos to our agency that is making brochures. They wrote me back that they need the images in vector format? If they are vector, will they have a special ending like .tif or .jpg?

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  • 1 month ago

    1) Zoom your image, if your picture gets distorted with the increase in zooming, then it is not a vectored image. A vectored image is the one that does looks the same no matter to what percentage you zoom in.

    2) Shockwave files are mostly vectored images. Just check this page. Shockwave files are created using macromedia flash.

    Open the above page. In the image that appears,Right click and try zooming in…to whatever level you zoom it does not get distorted.

    4)Tif & jpg are file formats that define the colors in a picture in their own manner and a way to store them.

    5) Tif – Taged Image File Format (also used as tiff). Usually when you scan an image using scanner, the type of format you obtain when you save is .tiff because it was specially developed for scanners. .jpg or .jpeg (joint photographic experts group). They are best suited for photographs.

    6) You can also use this page to know more about the file formats

    At the bottom of the above page there is swf file. Just zoom in and see.!!!

    Happy Vectoring!!



    Found something interesting!

    See the difference between raster(non-vectored) and vectored here:

    Here is the list of softwares that to raster to vector conversion…

    Once Again..!! Happy Vectoring!!

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    5 days ago

    What Is A Vector Image

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There are two kinds of graphics, vector and rastor. Raster images are like photographs, while vecter are like clip-art.

    They need the vector format because you can make the image any size you want without it getting distorted looking.

    A JPG is a photograph kind of image and wont scale right. If you can send it as a PDF, that would be great. (Or if you work in Adobe Illustrator, they may want the ai file)

    Hope that helps, I’m not sure I answered your question though.

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    1 month ago

    Vector means that it is based on lines and other mathematically produced figures to make the picture. There are some special formats. The advantage is that it can use up less space(Hard Drive).

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    1 month ago

    save it to .svg (scalable vector graphics) .. The vector image can be scaled indefinitely without loss of image quality.

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    7 days ago

    If you are searching for CorelDRAW you can download it for free here

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