How can u work two jobs and still be broke?


24 answers by real people - How can u work two jobs and still be broke?

  • 2 decades ago

    Well The government now days are pretty greedy. They need more money to finance the supply for the wars that Bush is pushing his hardest. For example He say’s ” The gas prices are going up because we need money to supply the troops.” I can understand that part but raising gas is not necessary. For other Bills like electric,Cellphone bills and water bills. They are pretty outragous too, Those things could be a lot cheaper but the greedy people who run it want the money. Also doesn’t it state in one of the laws that the cost of surviving is free , like Food and water? Then why do they charge money for them? So really your doing really well, your in College and still have time to work two jobs. I admire you, keep up the good work!

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  • nonono12345
    2 decades ago

    Im going through the same thing man. I work full time as an accountant and I go to school full time at night and on the weekends. I make pretty good money. I drive a brand new car. I go out to eat quite often. I have a house. Live comes with debt. As you said your in college which probably means your 20-25 years old. Well those are the “broke” years. Im 23 and I know it. As you grow older, wiser, more educated you will be able to make more money. Plus your car insurance will go down while your salary goes up. You will make money some day. Keep going to college and find yourself a good job. This is just a part of life!

  • sean_mchugh6
    2 decades ago

    probably cause your jobs dont pay jack!

    you didnt mention anything about your bills or your living arangements so there is no way we can really answer you.

    but the best answer is still probably that youre jobs dont pay a damn thing and so youre killing yourself working two jobs where as someone with a skill is able to earn as much or more money than you in half the time. So they have more free time, are less stressed, and are able to invest more into personal relationships. …where as you are just killing yourself and getting frustrated because even though you are doing 10X the work as these other people you are seeing 1/10 the results. ….or is that just me?

    maybe it would be a good idea to go to a technical college this summer and get yourself a skill that way youre not so damn broke all the time. Plus you would have more free time. Life is ALL about what I call “the multiplying effect”. It works to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    You just gotta work smarter not harder.

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    yes, you can have 2 jobs and still be broke.

    I worked two jobs for a while when a hospital stay hiked up my credit card. It took a long time to dig out of the hole.

    In the meantime you have to CUT EVERYTHING out of your life that is NOT ESSENTIAL.

    That can mean internet access in your apartment, cable TV, cell phone… if it isn’t food, shelter or transportation to and from work or school…it isn’t essential. It’s hard, but if you are really struggling, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Also consider looking for jobs that pay better, to get the leg up. But you really need to cut out things like eating out, going to bars, movies, sports.. in order to dig yourself out of the hole.

    And darling? Everyone is broke in college, unless mommy and daddy are paying for everything. Ever consider a student loan to help you get through? They are some of the most generous loan terms you will ever find, and you don’t have to pay them back until you graduate and get a good job.

  • hollylitespeed
    2 decades ago

    I apologize, but this answer isn’t logical. BUT, it is true.

    Money is a reflection of how much you love and value yourself. It’s not about fake self-confidence or bravado, but about how you truly value and appreciate yourself. Because if you do, you will appreciate your talents and skills that are marketable to the world. And, you will be open to opportunities that could bring you more money. Money is just a currency for exchanging energy.

    If you think beyond the concept of money to consider abundance, then you open yourself up to even more opportunities. Abundance isn’t just about getting money. It could be receiving something free, getting a discount on something you need, having people donate time to help you learn something valuable.

    To help, think about what belief structures you have that might be blocking you from abundance. Do you feel you don’t deserve it? Do you feel the only way to get it is by struggling? Do you feel rich people are jerks? Do you feel having money invites trouble?

    If you trust in your abilities and believe, truly believe deep inside, that you are deserving of abundance, it will come to you. Just put the thought out there that you want to be abundant and then stop worrying about it. Whenever you worry, remember this mantra. It works.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Government spending does increase GDP as government spending is directly involved in solving for GDP, however once government spending declines (it will HAVE to eventually, they will run out of money, even if our money is “elastic”) GDP will shoot down. This growth that we had in the last quarter was an illusion. Government can not create jobs. Evidence of that is in the failed stimulus. What needs to happen is a slow reduction in government spending and complete free markets. Let the markets dictate what happens with the economy. If the government stays out of the way, the markets will slowly move to equilibrium. Obama’s bills are not staying out of the way; they are slowing long term growth. We aren’t complaining that he is not concentrating on jobs, we are complaining that he is trying to be the solution and making things worse.

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Same as the rest of us. There are two reasons someone doesn’t have enough money…either too little on the revenue side or too much on the expense side….since you say your expenses are in order and not out of hand…then it is the revenue side. You are earning too little to cover your bills. Grab a third job or a higher paying second job. That really is the only answer.

  • n K
    2 decades ago

    maybe you can look at way to cut your cost

    since gas price pretty much have a big bite out of our wallet.

    I actually sold my car to pay off my credit card. It was a big burden off my shoulder

    there was a teacher asking a student why he needed 2 job the student said he had to keep up with his car payment while he lives on campus. So he pretty much figure out that he didn’t need 2 job to make a car payment. so he sold it and it help alot.

  • sjpadilla1
    2 decades ago

    I have a full-time job, a part-time job, and my wife works full-time. We have financial struggle based on past problems (credit debt, debt to my ex-wife, etc.). We worked out a strict family budget (we have 3 kids), and are able to manage our finances only by following the budget.

    It is not always about overall bad budgeting skills, but we did discover we were spending a lot of money we did not need to on impulse shopping and excessive dining out.

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