How do i put my ferret down at home?

My ferret is really sick and is suffering. I need to know the most humane way to put him down at home by myself. Also, he won’t eat anything so i can’t force a pill or anything like that.

The reason i ask is because none of the vet clinic’s are open, so i can’t have a vet do it.

I need to know the most humane way i could do it at home?

Anything will help. Thanks.


i can’t take him tomorrow, because he won’t make it until then. And i hate seeing him suffer.

i can’t take him tomorrow, because he won’t make it until then. And i hate seeing him suffer.

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  • 1 month ago

    There really is no humane way to kill the ferret yourself.

    I would try calling around to a few vets. There is always an emergency vet that has extended hours. Call a vet that is closed and it will most likely direct you to the number to the nearest emergency clinic.

  • Ray <3
    1 month ago

    All vets have emergency numbers to call after hours. It’ll be posted on their door when they leave, and it should be left on their answering machine. Every vet office has someone “on call” available at all hours of the night, sometimes if there are a few vet offices in town they will take turns and you might not get the vet you want, but there is always someone. It is their job, to take calls at all hours of the night for whatever reason. We had to call at 3am because our dog was pooping out pools of blood and they had him in by 3:30am. They’ll likely be at home and on a cell phone so you just have to wait the time it takes for them to go in to the clinic. EVERY vet offers this service so don’t be afraid to use it.

    I guess it’s sort of late now, so I hope you spent the last hours of his life making him comfortable, cuddling him lots and giving him lots of love. I know I’ll have to do it with my ferret some day and it’s going to be really hard, but he could suffer a lot more by you trying to put him down yourself, plus I doubt you’ll be able to bring yourself to do anything harsh enough to kill him so you’ll likely just cause him a lot more pain… People do things like injecting cleaning products into their pets or feeding them toxic things, and these things are just horribly painful for the animal. One of the common ones is bleach, people use it sometimes on their family that wants to be put out of their misery where doctor assisted suicide is illegal, and a lot of times it fails because it’s not enough or doesn’t go to the right spot and apparently you can feel it moving through your body and it’s like, minutes of absolute hell. Lethal injections are apparently a “cold” sensation, and being put to sleep is kind of like if you’ve ever been put to sleep for a surgery, just an overdose, so that one would likely be the most pleasant (if you’ve ever been put out for anything).

    What ended up happening? I hope you called or waited until morning!

    Good luck & sorry!

  • ?
    5 days ago

    I owned 2 ferrets for some years, some human beings enable them to loose roam, I did this sometimes yet they have been saved in a spare room with a extensive 4 tier cage. The smell replaced into continually there, they have been “defunked” already as i like to call it =) yet nevertheless..they have a musky smell, i muddle container knowledgeable them and preserving that wiped sparkling up each and every of the time saved the smell down. and a considerable project is likewise to bathe the bedding in many cases and sparkling their ears generally because of the fact their ears carry alot of smell too. do not bathe them often, it could sound stupid, notwithstanding it rather kicks their glands into overdrive and that they smell worse. you will want to do it each and every now n then nevertheless. good success, they are able to be so relaxing! =)

  • Elligigio
    1 month ago

    The only humane way to put it down without euthanizing it would be too stick it in the freezer since you can’t stick a few benadryl’s down it’s throat. The only reason i say this is because they are so vulnerable to the weather he will die very quickly and it’s proven not to be torture in college since it’s so quick. Actually there is another way, stick it in a bag and tie it up. It’s been proven that this makes them feel like they’re going to sleep. These may sound inhumane but in college we’ve studied these numerous times and have gotten the same results. I thought that’s so cruel before we actually started testing, then i found out they don’t feel a thing. Please go with the freezer one. Just take most everything out of your freezer out, turn it to the lowest temp, give him a goodbye kiss, and stick him in there. Please don’t try breaking his neck or anything because these two are the only 2 humane options. Sorry there aren’t anymore. I’m a college professor and you can take my advice.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    There is none. Just make him comfortable for now. Why didnt you take him when you first found out? You need to just wait it out. Give him a nice bed, his favorite toys, and you might just want to hold him. Have someone do research to see if there is a 24 hr vet. I know its hard to watch a pet suffer. Good Luck!

  • Cricket
    1 month ago

    If you do , someone will charge you with the “cruelty to animals” bit. Wait until tomorrow morning and take him to the Vet. Don’t you have an Emergency Clinic for animals near u?

  • I <3 My P.R. Paso Finos!!
    1 month ago

    Take him to the vet tomorrow to have him put down. Give him the rest of his time with you and have him confortable, and give him lots of attention, and if he will eat some, treats!

    I am so sorry for your ferret! Good luck!


  • pяincє§§α♥pєтαℓ§♥ßєℓℓα
    1 month ago

    Uh, well there isn’t really a humane way to do it. You could let him die, but he would suffer, or you could just wait until a vet is open. I’m sure there is one open somewhere. You can always wait til tommorrow.

  • 🙂
    1 month ago

    theres nothing you can do at home!

    just try and help him make it through till tomorrow and take him to the vet tomorrow!

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