How do you become famous in South Korea?

My dream is set.

I’m a Korean/Thai background.

Though I can speak Korean quite well, I can’t say all words.

But I can understand when others talk in Korean.

I want to become an actress. I love acting, I’ve done it for two years.

I’m sixteen and I can speak perfect english.

I’m not a shy person and I love to laugh.

I only come to Korea to visit my Grandparents, who are full korean.

Can anyone give me advice on how.

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  • 1 month ago

    It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Becoming famous is difficult in any country and in Korea it takes talent, beauty, good connections and luck. I think everyone should follow their dreams so good luck to you.

  • blahblahblah
    1 month ago

    Well be careful because Henry Lau from Super Junior M was chinese and taiwanese(born in taiwan and lived in canada). Some people didn’t want him in the group because he was that race, others didn’t want him because they thought 13 members were good enough. Although everyone agree he WAS talented. They didn’t want him in Suju.

    Since you are a 1/2-1/2 (i am too :]) I would definitely move to Korea and take classes and audition for things. But I wouldn’t really tell anyone that you are 1/2 Thai. Just to be safe. No Offense there are some cruel people in Korea.

  • mizz kay
    1 month ago

    get connections.

    and then stand out from the rest of them, don’t try to be like those other korean stars.. being different from them is what’ll get you noticed. korea is kind of all the same.. its not very diverse like some other countries.

    i’m the same as you, except i don’t want to be an actress and i live in korea now (grr i liked the US better..but probably only because i had friends there)

    and i’m not part thai. haha. 🙂

    and i can’t speak korean as well.

  • Sab
    1 month ago

    If you want it, then stop at nothing till you get it. Acting is not like singing, in acting you can always improve so I think you can do it.

    You need to go to alot of auditions.

    You are so lucky you know korean. I really want to learn hangul, it would be harder for me to learn because my mother tongue is farsi and I also speak fluent English.

    The fact that you can also speak English is a bonus.

    You never know what might happen unless you try, so go for it.

    A word of advice would be to have a back up career, something else you enjoy, because you cant act forever. I hope you succeed.

  • MatT
    1 month ago

    Yeah – I agree with the above answerer. There is endemic racism among Koreans. Not ALL, but definitely some have racist feelings. You can’t blame them though, because of foreigners’ bad treatment of Korea during World War II.

    The key to being famous in Korea is connections. If your family knows a director or a talent scout, then make an appointment with him or her.

  • suellen
    5 days ago

    You’re thirteen and this life isn’t as glamorous as it seems. Take dance, acting, singing lessons if your parents will allow it but don’t get your hopes up. If you can get into the business it may fast lose its appeal or even spit you out. Be careful and think about your choices. Is it really worth the investment?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    oh damn, there goes my dream…

    i guess i reli cant be a korean actress then, since im totally not korean…

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