How do you get spray tan stains off leather seats?

Hi, I need to know whats the best way to get self tanner off leather seats.

the product is sally hansen”s “bare legs only better ” tan glow. someone please help!


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  • 1 month ago

    I’m sorry, but I doubt you can remove those stains. Call a leather specialist. That’s your best bet.

    Maybe a specialist could dye the leather darker and hide the stains.

    Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    So….this will sound absolutely crazy, but it did work for me on my medium tan leather Acadia car seat! I am a frequent user of sunless tanners and with the combination of each fresh application and me in my shorts I got a deeper “tan” on my driver’s seat as well! I had tried many things and researched on the internet as well, nothing really making a dent in the problem. I asked my car dealership maintenance rep this very question of what to do (with a little embarrassment) and he recommended using a household cleaner (I used “409”) and a “Brillo” pad!!! Yes, I thought he was out of his mind recommending I use a Brillo pad on leather, but after asking again to make sure I heard him correctly and looking for his reassurance, I went home and tried it. He said to first soak the Brillo pad, getting it sudsy and use the 409 with it together. OMG…. it worked and did not damage my leather! Please keep in mind that my car has the thicker, more inexpensive leather, not the fine leather you would find in a luxury car, so please test this in an inconspicuous area first!!! It removed about 90% of the yellow color, a remarkable difference than the high priced leather cleaners that had failed! I knew I had to share this information with those as desperate to have a normal color seat again like I was! Hope it works for you, just be careful upon the first try!

  • ?
    4 days ago

    i might initiate off with saddle cleansing soap. it particularly is without a doubt the terrific element to bathe leather-based with. it may frequently be offered everywhere the place you ought to purchase shoe polish. when you have it wiped clean besides as you could attempt some ‘mink oil’ lower back available everywhere you ought to purchase shoe polish. only be conscious that when the leather-based is stained from moisture and has grown mould it is going to probable in no way look the comparable lower back. Stains are often there for lifestyles till you dye the leather-based a darker shade.

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