How much does a UK barrel of lager weigh in lbs?

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  • 1 month ago


    Well a pint of water is = 20 Oz’s so a gallon weigh 8 pints in a gallon = 10lbs an depends on size of barrel but the average barrel holds 11 gallons + the weight of the barrel, and 11 gallons weight is 110 lbs plus the weight of the barrel, see it now.

  • Liquidator1
    1 month ago

    I assume that you do not mean the weight of the empty barrel. If so, then the volume of THE BEER INSIDE an Imperial Barrel of lager is 163.65 Liters (or ‘litres’ just in case you call Britannia your home!). The specific gravity of beers varies by type and alcoholic content from 1.02 for ‘light’ beers, to 1.05 for lagers and pale ales, to 1.08 for double bocks (Paulaner’s Salvator Doppelbock is my favorite). Since a Liter of water (at standard conditions) weighs 1 Kg, the answer is from about 163.65 x 1.02 ~ 167 Kg to 1.63.65 x 1.08 ~ 177 Kg, and for a lager we can just say 163.65 x 1.05 ~ 172 Kg (or 379 lbs.). I’ve rounded the results since beer is not a standard substance and the specific gravity would vary a bit even from batch to batch. Now, all this beer talk and mathematics (but really, mostly just the beer talk) has made me thirsty, so I think I’ll just go to my refrigerator and open a bottle of Bass Ale. Cheers!

  • Big H
    1 month ago

    A barrel, or it`s contents ?

    A “barrel” of any beer is 36 gallons, in the UK we don`t measure beers by litres, but because of the interference of the United States of Europe, some brewers are producing, instead of the traditional firkin of 9 gal,or Kilderkin of 18 gal, a mid sized container of 11 gal which conveniently is 50 litres they are aluminium or pressed steel and when empty, the average is 20 kilo (again due to “elf n safety”) 20 kilo is deemed a maximum weight that a man cand reasonably lift, without injury !!

  • Hambone
    1 month ago

    Water weighs 8.345 pounds per gallon, Beer may weigh slightly less. Use this and figure out how many gallons are in a UK Barrel, plus don’t forget to add in the weight of the barrel itself.

  • Simon
    5 days ago

    i work for a large brewery as warehouse op, loading the trucks for delivers to pubs clubs etc,etc in the uk . 36 gallon are still about in our head depot but in warehouse all drivers are ordered not to deliver and warehouse staff told not to load 11 gallon kegs are the most popular that are ordered we stock 9 11 18 22 gallon kegs. i must confess ,i haven t weighted out the kegs in my short time working there thou i will now , 22 only a few of the lads can lift them up .18 s some us pick them up (i can just about manage waist height 😀 ) 9 s and 11 s all can.

  • bud
    1 month ago

    there are different sizes of barrels, 22 gal are the most used, do you want to know how much it weighs full or empty? go to weight converter yahoo to find out exactly

  • ?
    1 month ago

    369 lbs

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