I need braces but my parents can’t afford them?

I have a severe cross-bite and under-bite, and my dentist recommended to see an orthodontist. My mom won’t take me though because she doesn’t have the money. What can we do? I hate the way my teeth are. 🙁

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  • 1 month ago

    I know someone and they’re getting braces for like 300 dollars instead of 5000 because they’re getting them done at like a place where they train orthodontists, and its way cheaper but not risky because the teacher does it as a demonstration in front of the class

  • Lizard
    1 month ago

    Check with your mom if you can get better ortho. insurance. I hope that you will be able to get brace because it sound like it would really make you happy and more confident like it does many people.

    Make sure that you do not talk your mom into taking you to a bad orthodontist, if you do it might end up even worse. I know that many orthodontist just one to make a quick buck and they will tell so me one they need braces for only 6 months or so until they look straight but the people find out later in life that they needed more work than they were originally told.

  • Shiba owner
    1 month ago

    get yourself a job and offer to pay for it with her. dental insurance will help a lot. If you don’t have it then ur in for an expensive haul.Just offer to help her pay take your xray to the orthodontist and have a treatment plan typed up and see if you can do a payment plan. At least have a consult with them

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ask your dentist.

    or you could check with your school to see if they help pay for these things.

    Mine does, but only of it’s really bad.

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