If it takes 20 minutes to drive somewhere, How long would it take to walk there?

It takes 20 minutes for me to drive to the mall, after i go to the mall, I want to walk home, but I need to know how long it will take.

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  • 1 month ago

    Impossible question to answer given this information…because we don’t know how fast you are driving!

    For example, it would take a lot longer to walk the distance from a 20 minute drive @ 40 MPH than 20 minutes @ 20 MPH.

    My suggestion:

    *Go to MAPQUEST or a similar Website.

    *Enter the address of the Mall and your home address.

    *Determine the exact distance between the two locations.

    *Then assume a walking speed of 3 MPH. Divide the number of miles from the Mall by 3 MPH.

    *This will give you the answer in hours. If necessary, use 60 min/hr to convert your answer to minutes.

    Problem solved.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    At 60 miles an hour (for example), that means that the mall is 20 miles away. If you walk 4 miles per hour, then it would take you 5 hours to get there. It all depends on how fast you drive and especially, what the distance is to the mall. At 30 miles and hour it would be 10 miles for that 20 minutes, and take you 2 and a half hours to walk it a 4 miles per hour (which is a brisk walking pace).

  • Kenneth
    1 month ago

    probably around a hour and a half. why wouuld you want to walk home after themall. no point cuz your just tiring ureself with aall the things you bought and your going to be walking

  • friddle
    5 days ago

    Ask it interior the maths area, and ask the folk to parent it out mathematically, no longer via guessing. i might do it, even even with the shown fact that it would take me as long because it would take you to stroll there to parent it out. 🙂

  • kevinkg
    1 month ago

    about and hour and half…..but then that is at quick march….smile

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