Im 14 and a half and my boobs havent grown since i was 12!!!?

basically as a kid i started developing at the age of 8 and i had the first signs of breast development around then! I lived with my dad at the time and because of him being a male i didn’t feel confortable talking to him about it! But as a naive 8 year old i didn’t have a clue what these lumps under my nipples were! I had only just had my 8th birthday and i thought i couldn’t possibly be growing boobs now! Anyway i thought that the lumps under my breasts were FLUID. I don’t even know!? Any way i remember i thought i had something wrong with me so i remember every night i was lying on my front and thinking ”OUCH” my chest hurts! And i got REALLY angry and frustrated at myself because i thought it was fluid underneath my nipples so i spent every night squeezing my ”boobs” with all my might to try and get this pain to go away! I remember getting books and wacking it against myself hoping that these lumps will go away… Then i gave up and a few months after at school we were doing about puberty (even though we were only 8 and none of my friends had hit it) and i had the shock of my life. I remember coming home from school crying thinking i have ruined my breasts forever! Then the thought kind of drifted off and i forgot about the whole thing… Right… Now i am 14. And i am size 32a. ALL of my friends from primary are now 34cs etc. Even though i was WAY ahead of them in primary school. My mum is a d cup, my aunties are all c/d, my cousins are all b/c cups and everyone on my dads side is a D cup too! My 20 year old sister is a D cup and my younger sister whos 11 is a B!! And i can barely fill a A!!!!!!!! I now live with my mum again and i have told her but she thinks im over exaggerating!! Please, can anyone tell me if i have ruined my tissue? Or stunted my growth?? And do i need to see a doctor? And if i did would i have to take my bra off and show them my boobs?? Im so scared! I couldn’t understand why i was so small until today when i remember what happened years ago!


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  • 8 days ago

    Everybody grows at different speeds, and at different ages. You might have started before your friends, but that doesn’t mean you will develop quicker than girls your age. I had my period when I was 8, and I thought I had cancer (my grandma just died of cancer, and had a lot of vaginal bleeding during it). I was too scared to tell my mom about it, because I didn’t want her to know I was dying. Obviously I wasn’t, I just had my period pretty early, but that’s how I felt. Anyways. My hips were the first to grow, and by the time I was in 5th grade I thought my hips belonged to a hippo, and I was a double A (no development at all). I was always very thin, but my hips stuck out like you wouldn’t believe. I was like this all throughout middle school, and most of high school, until 11th grade my boobs just started to grow, and they didn’t stop growing until I was 20.

    You have plenty of time. Hitting yourself, and squeezing your boobs wouldn’t have done anything to them, but I do recommend seeing a doctor for a physical just to make sure everything else is going OK. Everybody, no matter their age or health, should be seen by a doctor regularly. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your dad about these things, it would also give you a chance to talk to somebody who knows what they are talking about. They would have you take your shirt off, but they will give you a robe to wear. It’s really awkward, and uncomfortable, but being examined by a doctor is just something we women have to get used to in order to keep ourselves healthy. You can also request a woman doctor.

    On a side note, you don’t have to have big boobs to be an attractive woman, and not every guy in this world is a “boob” guy. Some guys like a big butt, and could care less about anything else, some guys like a pretty face, some guys just like a nice pair of legs. When you find the right guy, he will see you as the most beautiful woman in the world. Just don’t be fooled by the guys who tell you they love you just to get you to make out/have sex with them.

    Oh, and somebody said some women don’t get boobs until they have kids- this is also true. One of my friends was pretty small, had a kid, and now she’s a full C……. please don’t have a kid for big boobs! lol

  • ?
    8 days ago

    Well im almost 16 in a few months and im the same size as you. I dont think its a problem, but my mom is a double D and here I am an A cup lol.

    All of my friends have some huge boobs, or are still growing.. And there I am no growth

    Some people just have small boobs and it doesnt change, some people have large boobs. It’s just something you have to deal with.

  • yeah
    8 days ago

    you will grow at a different pace from everyone else up till around the age of 18 and sometimes beyond that. Im 14 and mine haven’t grown since i was 11. I’ve been a 30B since the first time i bought a bra. The pain is them growing so hitting them was probably not the best idea but don’t worry in my school when we all first hit puberty we used to hit each other in the chest and we all still grew. If you aren’t happy with your breast size now i’ll tell you a few tricks I’ve used and my breasts have grown rapidly recently. what I’ve done is i found a bottle of pure tea tree oil and put a couple of drops into my moisturiser. i have then massaged a handful on to my breasts before bed. i swear this works people will tell you it doesn’t but hand to god i have grown

  • Sujeong
    8 days ago

    You’re just overreacting. And to be honest, not because everyone in your family has big boobs that you will also have some. No one in my family has a size smaller than a C-cup, except me. I hit puberty at a young age also, and had boobs before everyone. They stopped growing after a while and I felt as if they would never get bigger. They somewhat did, but I don’t see the difference. You stop growing when you’re 21, so don’t worry about it!!

  • Ynez Blanchefleour
    8 days ago

    Calm down there, you have nothing to worry about. you still have plenty of time for them to grow. and just because everyone in your family has big boobs doesnt mean you will. all the girls in my family have bigger boobs and mine are only a 32AA. and i’m in my 20’s so i know i’m done growing. so just be patient and wait/hope for them to grow within the next 5 to 6 years. Most people are done growing by age 20.

  • alexis
    8 days ago

    I think you’re going to be fine. I started to grow boobs very young as well but once I hit 13 they stopped growing. When I started 10th grade my boobs wouldn’t stop growing. Within a year, I went from a A-cup to a C-cup. And then once you start being sexually active your boobs will grow a little more. No need to worry. You’re still young.

  • blug blite
    8 days ago

    Calm Down you could just be a late bloomer and I heard some women’s breast don’t get bigger until they have children so just give it some more time.

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    LoL .. Chill down i think ur overeacting .. eventually they will grow as size of a watermelons ^_^

    Srsly stop worrying

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago


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