My CA DMV license test appointment disappeared?

I checked up on my appointment on the DMV site and it wasn’t there. I’m supposed to have it tomorrow. Should I bother going to the DMV in case they still have my appointment?

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  • 1 month ago

    If you printed out the confirmation of your appointment then go. If you didn’t go anyway. You budgeted some of your time for this activity. If they don’t have your appointment you can still take your test. It just means you’ll spend more time at the DMV than you planned for. Don’t be nervous, and good luck.

  • tia
    5 days ago

    You can do walk in but people with appointments have priority. My advice – don’t go in on Mondays or Fridays. Get there when the DMV opens if possible. Better yet wait for the appointment because you’ll breeze past everybody else and be done in a flash. Make sure you have all your paper work, proof of insurance, etc. If you’re going for your license and not your permit, AND you’re doing your driving skills test too, you will need your parent/guardian there I think plus a licensed driver present with the car you’re doing the skills test in.

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