My wife wants to try out a bigger penis?

I am married to a beautiful woman and we have a normal and harmonic marriage. I think our sex is good but a few weeks ago I asked her if she enjoys my penis size and she said yes but since I am her first lover she says she wonders how a really big one might feel. I said she has to try out because I am afraid she will cheat on me sooner or later if I don’t let her. I mean sex is just sex and our marriage is way more than sex. But now she met someone from our town online and she asked me if I will allow her to try him for sex because he is well endowed. I am insecure now if this might turn out a mistake. From what she tells me this guy has a size of 8 inches and that’s nearly twice my size. She says she loves me very much and this would only be a one-time-experience if I agree (she also offered me to try another girl in exchange but I don’t want to). Should I agree or will she get addicted to this experience of a huge penis?

My wife is 22 and I am 29 years old.

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  • 1 month ago

    Ok, I’ll play devil’s advocate. I say, tell her its ok with you for her to have her little experiment.

    IMO, if she takes you up on it, your marriage is over or at best, in serious trouble. Not because a larger penis is going to put you to be so much more satisfying but because YOU are not enough for her. With the right skills, which can be developed with love, patience and time, any man, with any sized penis can be just as good a lover, probably even better than a guy with a huge one. Its like saying just because a guy is tall, he ought to be a good basketball player – it can help but there’s no guaranteed. Before she goes off on her little adventure, Take 2 or 3 weeks, spend some time finding out what she really wants in the bedroom. Then decide if this is something you think you can or want to give her on a regular basis. Then have her return the favor: let her know what YOU want and find out if she wants to give it. This ought to put you guys back on the right path. Hopefully, though, when you give her permission to have the affair, she’ll probably turn you down!

  • ?
    7 days ago

    It sounds like you’re wife loves you enough to tell you what she wants, and you should be at least relieved she’s open enough to tell you, if even a tiny bit let down and jealous of the situation. Women aren’t that much different from men in needing some sexual spice. As long as you remain acting the same loving way, she should be able to experiment. She might enjoy the new experience, but It’s not going to be a “life changing event” as everyone thinks. You are the one she fell in love with, and that isn’t likely to change unless you treat her like a criminal. She might reciprocate by being open, and sharing the experience with you.

    TL;DR, many men cheat, but would never under any circumstance leave their wives for someone else.

  • Brent
    1 month ago

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…. You didn’t mention how long you guys have been married. I’m gonna guess it has been less than 3 years. Its normal that young marriages experience this kind of thing. Unfortunately, there is some danger in marrying such a young woman; she hasn’t experienced that much in life yet and is going through a curious time. There is not much you can do about it, so either embrace her curiosity or start preparing financially for a divorce. Sorry to tell ya..

  • ?
    1 month ago

    If this is a serious question, sex is part of a relationship, where sex is a initimate action to do with your partner to show love to each other. So why on earth do you want some random people having sex with your wife? why would you let her feel used to just satisfies curiosity?

    If she wants to try a bigger one, buy her the largest possible sex toys for her as a present than.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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  • ?
    1 month ago

    Explain to her you are not comfortable with the situation. I understand that you are affraid to loose her, but you need to communicate your feelings regardless. A bigger vibrator is a great idea. She can buy whatever she wants. But another man, Im not going to lie to you, its going to feel really good, and she is not going to want to come back. Unless you learn some serious foreplay, and figure out other ways to satisfy her sexually, you are going to be out of luck. Wish you the best.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    This sounds like a terrible idea. But, the fact that she even asked could be as much of a problem as if she tried out the suggestion. You need to sit down and have some serious relationship talk.

  • your noon
    1 month ago

    If you both want to live and enjoy a very happy future & life, do not try /allow/think/discuss/encourage this type of experiment. You will certainly loose every thing if you once try or agree with , this type of foolish request or suggestion.May God bless you both with some wisdom.

  • Answer Man
    1 month ago

    Marriage is a promise to be sexually faithful for the rest of your life. So, it would be impossible to claim that you have a strong marriage if you or your wife are even considering adultery. It is the primary responsibly of the husband to protect the marriage vow from being broken.

  • Tom
    6 days ago

    Your about to loose your wife, at this,point what you say means little she has basically told you it’s going to happen with or without you!

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