Sigmund Freud help!!!!!!?

i have to answer these questions but i cant figure it out!

1. According to Frued what causes mental problems?

2.Interpret the phrase “symptoms of substitution”

3. What does the phrase “buried in amnesia” mean?

4. what are 3 concepts from this passage that seem to be important to Freud.

I seriously cant figure these out!! the passage is this:

In my search for the pathogenic situations in which the repressions of sexuality had set in and in which the symptoms as substitutions for what was represented had their origin, I was carried further and further back into the patients life and ended by reaching the first years of childhood. What poet and students of human nature had always asserted turned out to be true; the impressions of that remote period of life, though they were for the most part buried in amnesia, left ineradicable traces upon the individuals growth and in particular lad the foundations of any nervous disorder that was to follow.

10 points for best answer! PLZ HELP I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE BY TODAY! thanks guys!

1 Answer

  • 10 hours ago

    1) Sexual repression causes mental problems.

    2) Symptoms of mental illness, such as depression, anxiety,etc, are the outward signs (substitutions) for repressed sexuality.

    3) Buried in amnesia means lost in the mind. The patient cannot see or remember what is causing their psychological problems.

    4) a; sexual repression causes mental disorders. b; these disorders point to the cause, which is the repressed sexuality. c; proper investigation of the patient’s past will reveal that the cause is repressed sexuality.

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