SIMILAC advance VS S26 GOLD which is better?

ei guys just wanna ask your opinion which is better formula milk between the two SIMILAC OR S-26 GOLD… coz now she’s taking s-26 gold and breastmilk but she’s not gaining that much weight she’s now 2 months old and only 4.7 kg…coz my breastmilk is not enough for her that’s why I introduced her to formula milk and I’m working also.need some advice…

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  • 1 month ago

    I have never heard of the Similac one, I use S26 GOLD and I think it is the best,I have tried all the other ones including the standard S26 and I find all the other ones were really thick and/or frothy, S26 GOLD is the only one I have had success with and my 8 month old is thriving (We are now on S26 GOLD progress) he is in the 70th percentile for both height and weight. I would talk to your doc about your baby not gaining weight as there may be an underlying cause. Look at your own size aswell, my neice is 20 months old and is the same height and weight as my 8 month old (9.5kg) her parents are both naturally tiny petite people so her doctor isn’t worried because it is just her build and she eats like a horse!!!!!! as long as they are taking a bottle every few hours and has lots of wet and dirty nappies, I think you will be fine.

  • ?
    6 days ago

    I have a 7 week old baby boy he was breastfed for 3 weeks but due to him not picking up weight I had to change to formula. I am currently using S26 formula sstage 1, he has picked up weight nicely but is struggling with bowel movement and he refluxes quite a bit. I am looking into Similac as it states it is easy to digest and says it is closest formula to breastmilk. As a first time mother I only want the best for my baby boy. I have also read that everyone says you must just try and see what works for your baby. I have tried NAN Lactose free and that did not work. What should I do? Should I change to Similac or stay on S26?

  • ?
    5 days ago

    S26 Gold Comfort

  • advisornicole
    1 month ago

    well similac is ok but it’s very thick and can be hard on your babies stomach,i’ve never heard of the other one,but i know my nephew had the same problem (i raised him since birth) and i tried every formula on the market at the time,and the best one for him was carnation good start,i went through 12 brands including the powdered milk that you need an Rx for it was very expensive about 30$ a can,i’d try carnation goodstart if availible in your area it’s a little hard to find but i swear by it!

  • Mel
    1 month ago

    Breastmilk is better.

    If you continue supplementing your milk will just dry up. Pump at work, and if you can’t, only supplement when you are at work.

    You may have to let her cluster feed for a few days to build your supply back up, but very few women are unable to make enough milk.

    Also, 4.7 kgs is a perfectly normal and healthy weight for a 2 month old girl…it’s 25th percentile, and above 5th percentile is normal.

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