Single Flared Tunnel stuck in my ear?

This is so weird and I’m not worried, just curious. My left ear is at 20mm (I wanted to start with 1.) so I’m pretty experienced, and, now I’m doing my right ear. I’m at 6mm, and it’s stretched perfectly, no pain, nothing. I usually wait 2-3 months between sizing up so my ears are always healed properly. Anyway usually when I stretch using my taper and then put my tunnel in, it is a little bit sore but I can twist it and pull it out easily. For some reason, this one is not hurting AT ALL but when I pull it, to take it out for cleaning, it’s stuck. With quite a bit of pressure and pushing on the back, it comes out but it feels tight. It’s been done for about 5 days now and by this point everythings perfect. :S It’s unusual. It’s so “stuck” I wouldn’t even need an O-ring on it, because this tunnel is literally not going anywhere by itself. As I said I’m not worried as I CAN get it out but just curious, has it happened to anyone else? and why?


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  • 4 days ago

    i do no longer advise flares for my section stainless-steel does not accept as true with me i might advise changing to an acrylic or stainless-steel taper till it heals… I consistently use squishy plugs as they’re easy and this is all approximately own selection and what’s of an identical opinion along with your ears 😀

  • Katy
    8 days ago

    This actually just happend to me recently. My ears are stretched to 3/4. I’m not too sure what your question is? I guess all I can say is, just leave your ear alone for a couple days, let it do it’s own thing. Goodluck!

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