What are those puffy shirts called?

You know those 60’s style shirts that Prince and Austin Powers wears? what the hell are they called and where can i get one?

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  • 1 month ago

    Not sure, but I think they are called Edwardian style, or maybe painters smock style, or pirate style.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    this is pronounced as a chemise. a large form of the time it replaced right into a protracted white/ivory shirt, generally all the way down to the knees or ankles, that worked as important dress, and you dressed it up with an overskirt and bodice or corset.

  • kitten_
    1 month ago

    I’m pretty sure that they are called Batwing shirts, and you could probably get them at a thrift store.

  • Chrys
    1 month ago

    buccaneer shirts…vintage shops…I haven’t seen one in person (only on t.v. and movies) since the 60’s-70’s

  • :: CUTIE ::
    1 month ago

    its called “puffy shirt” theres no name for it i know what ur talkin about i saw it on seinfeld xD

  • ?
    1 month ago

    “pirate shirts?”

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