What does cloud 13 mean?

My girlfriend has been acting very weird lately. recently, she just sent me a text saying “cloud 13” i have no idea what that means. any ideas?


Is it a drug reference?

Is it a drug reference?

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  • 8 days ago

    Clouds count numbers are used to describe one’s level of highness in smoking marijuana.

    Cloud 2 and 3 are the relaxing stages.

    Cloud 3 and 4 are short highs.

    Cloud 9 is the heavenly experience

    Cloud 12 requires hospitalization

    Cloud 13 could be beyond ………….

  • SUDHAKAR Kuruvada
    8 days ago


    Caps lock

    The most useless key on a keyboard.

    Person 1: Caps lock is so useless.

    Person 2: Yes, why do we need it when we have two shift keys?

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