what does “give it a pass” mean?

4 answers by real people - what does “give it a pass” mean?

  • 1 month ago

    There could be two different meanings depending on the context.

    “I’ll give it a pass” = “I’ll pass on that” = I’ll refrain from doing that. (Possibly from card game terminology.)

    Or it could mean giving a pass grade.

  • serena
    5 days ago

    Give It A Pass

  • Scott
    1 month ago

    “Give it a pass” is an English idiom meaning “to overlook something or to give it only a cursory examination”. The image evoked is of a school teacher, not wanting to deal with a “difficult” student any longer, saying almost falsely that a student can advance out of his or her class, simply to be rid of them. This is said usually of some small detail, such as often found in the workplace, like “Johnson’s memo didn’t have the correct letterhead, but he has some good ideas, so I gave it a pass…”

  • pastanaut
    1 month ago

    It means don’t do it. Skip it. Choose to not perform that action.

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