what is ‘Jintan Manis’ in english?

i’m studying in germany. i must learn to cook myself,but i can’t translate ‘jintan manis’ in english.

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  • 1 month ago

    Yau Kok [Chinese], Sombu [Tamil]

    It is a Malaysian word that means:

    Aniseed (Anise). Almost always used in combination with jintan putih, [Cumin], it is a common spice used in Malay cooking especially.

    Serbuk Jintan Manis : Cumin Powder.

  • harris
    4 days ago

    Jintan Manis is Fennel in English,A lot of people get confuse if a recipe said only Jintan,especially Indonesian recipe,so used Cumin.Indonesian People(especialy from West Jawa)do not like this cumin,they said smell Jamu(herbal tasted)awful,But some Indonesian who are living overseas donot know the difference if the recipe mention Jintan,they think O well it is Cumin(instead they meant jintan manis)Then as a result the food spoiled without knowing it.Some Overseas Indonesian making lemper with cumin taste awfull.because they misunderstood with Jintan manis,Sayang/pitty,No one make lemper with cumin,only fennel a little bit only and coriander.It looks a small mistake but the result is bad bad bad.

  • rebeca_16_2000
    1 month ago

    Jintan manis means fennel, while jintan putih means cumin.

  • Lily
    6 days ago


  • ?
    1 month ago

    Agar, seaweed gelitin/ or Cumin seed depends on what direction you’re facing

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