What kind of bugs are around my cat food bowl??

Lately I have been finding small, skinny, longer than they are wide, brown, beetle type bugs around my cat food bowl. They are too small to tell if they actually have a hard shell or not… they might not. They do have small antenna though. I have been fearing that they are baby cockroaches, but I have seen pictures and they do not seem to look like that… they just seem too small. About the size of aunts. Plus, I am very clean. I find them under the cat food bowl. They are definitely NOT aunts. They seem to be coming from the crack between the wall and the floor right by the bowls. There is never a lot of them, maybe 3 or 4 at a time. Does anyone know what these could be?


I realize now that I put “aunts” instead of “ants”… Thank you all for pointing that out in a very nice way. LOL

I realize now that I put “aunts” instead of “ants”… Thank you all for pointing that out in a very nice way. LOL

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  • 1 month ago

    I have those from time to time also. I don’t know what they are, but they come more often when we have had a lot of rain for days in a row. They must be some kind of water-loving bug like a silver fish or something. Weird. Just find a new place for the cat food, and wash the old area with bleach water and dry it. That should help.

    I am not trying to be a snot here, but you did make me laugh with your “aunts”. I kept picturing these little old ladies crawling around with antennas and all.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Bugs In Cat Food

  • Lola
    1 month ago

    I don’t know EXACTLY what those critters are, but i know when I used to leave dry food in my cat’s bowl during the day, it attracted ants, etc. We live in Florida, so there are a lot of different bugs lurking LOL. I just cant leave dry food down for him to eat whenever, because it will naturally attract Something!!!!

    Now I just put down a little at a time through out the day, and also feed him a can of Fancy Feast, half a can at a time, on the porch, the empty bowl will attract ants FAST, so I use disposable for that. !!!!

    P.S. PKitty, I would never use insecticide in any area that cat food is near—–cats are curious creatures and could lick that and it is toxic. Even if you wash the area , there is residue, according to my exterminator anyway. Better to be safe than sorry,

  • quantumrift
    1 month ago

    Well, I had several aunts and none of them was as small as an insect. Did you mean “ANT” by some chance?

    Why don’t you take one of them to a local exterminator since we cannot see what they look like. They obviously are attracted to and are probably feeding off the cat food. Move it to another place or place the cat food bowl in a smaller, shallow bowl of water to keep the ‘aunts’ out. You can sprinkle some BORAX around the crack as well, as it will kill the bugs but is harmless to other critters (like kitty). Or spray some insecticide into the crack, then seal the crack up with some caulking.

    Or just take the thing to an exterminator for an eval.

  • agoodgirl_msj
    1 month ago

    Definatly sounds to me like baby cockroaches, especially if they are comming from inside the wall, never the less, it really doesn’t matter really what kind of bugs!! You need to get rid of them! Don’t leave your pet food dish down, while your cat is busy doing something else, besides eating!! Try sprinkeling boric acid powder between the crack, and the wall!! Make sure it’s not where your cat can contact it!! It works wonders, and those darn little critters are sure to flee!! Good luck to you!!

  • ruth
    6 days ago

    I wish someone could tell me what I have,there are very small non flying, non hopping black bugs hanging around my cats bowl of dry food. They are not roaches,which have long antenna, not fleas, not beetles, not gnats. They may be drain flies,but they don t fly. They are about the size of@. Anyone with any other suggestions?

  • pkitty1969
    1 month ago

    Clean the area up and spray some insecticide around the edges of the area and in the crack. See if you can make an appointment with an exterminator.

    They probably are a form of a roach…there’s just so many of them. They are very tiny once they hatch and they continue to grow in size. So, feed your cat in the morning and just before night…then clean the bowl before you go to sleep.

  • Ego
    1 month ago

    Post a picture and I’ll tell you what you’ve got.

    Roaches have long antennae and are flat & brown.

    Ants move in swarms and don’t usually have wings. They aren’t typically brown.

    Could be a type of beetle.

    Earwigs have pinchers on their tails.

    Do they have wings? How many legs do they have? Did you ever see anything similar, elsewhere?

    Use organic mint oil spray of clove oil to keep them away.

  • joey
    8 days ago

    I think this is what you are looking at. I had them too.

    Dermestid Beetles (Family: Dermestidae):

    These common insects scavenge and feed on animal matter like dried meats, dead insects, hides and woolens. The species that feed on wool and other natural fibers or blends are sometimes called carpet beetles. Closely related species, such as the warehouse beetle, varied carpet beetle and larder beetle, have expanded their diet and also feed on grain and grain-based products. They are especially common in flour and cereals, but also are found in candy, cocoa, cookies, corn meal, nuts, pasta, dried spices and many other dry foods.

    The adult beetles are small, oval and variously colored. The full grown larvae are similar in size to the adults for each species and tend to be cigar-shaped and banded with dark, long hairs. In some species, the larvae have a tuft of hair at the tail-end of the body.

    Typically, only larvae will be seen in infested food because the adults feed on pollen and leave the food once they have emerged from their pupal stage. Sometimes only the larval “skins” will be found. Dead adults are often found in window sills because they fly to the light, trying to get outside.

    Because some of these species feed on woolens, infestations in the pantry may spread and damage valuable clothing, woolens and furs. Proper cleaning and storage of natural fabrics will help prevent damage.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    I’ve had mid-back to waist length tresses most of my life.

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