whats are the best country songs about childhood love?

best songs please your opinion matters


i love them all but i need a few more by girls

i love them all but i need a few more by girls

12 answers by real people - whats are the best country songs about childhood love?

  • 1 month ago

    Kenny Chesney – Me And You


    Alan Jackson – 1976


    Tanya Tucker-Two Sparrows In A Hurricane


    Terri Clark – When Boy Meets Girl


    John Michael Montgomery – Life’s A Dance


    The Judds – Young Love


    Clay Walker – One, Two, I Love You

    Kindergarten, five years old

    You and me and mother goose

    Learning lines to nursery rhymes

    That’s when I feel in love with you

    Back when it was

    One, two buckle my shoe

    Three Four shut the door

    Five Six pick up sticks

    Even then my heart was yours

    College days miles apart

    So afraid you’d forgot

    Writing letters every day

    And ending every one like this

    One two I miss you

    Three Four I walk the floor

    Five Six come back quick

    I don’t wanna miss you no more

    A little girl and little boy

    Playing on a swing in the yard

    As we watch I hold your hand

    And you’re still holding onto my heart

    And now its

    One two I love you

    Three four lets have one more

    Five six I wouldn’t miss

    A day of this for all the treasure on the ocean floor

    One two I love you

    Three four let’s shut the door

    Five six, kiss after kiss

    I cant wait to hold you once more

  • anestassia
    5 days ago

    Country Songs About Childhood

  • Mr.L
    1 month ago

    I immediately thought of Rebecca Lynn by Bryan White and Check Yes or No by George Strait

  • NeNa
    1 month ago

    ~One Boy,One Girl-Collin Raye

    ~Seventeen-Tim McGraw

    ~Would You Go With Me-Josh Turner

    ~I’m Already Taken-Mark Wills

    ~You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This-Toby Keith

    ~Down The Road-Kenny Chesney

    ~Don’t Cry Joni-Conway Twitty ft. Joni Lee

  • runner158
    1 month ago

    She’s in love with the Boy- Trisha Yearwood

  • 1 month ago

    check yes or no-george strait

    dont take the girl- tim mcgraw

    shes in love with the boy- trisha yearwood

    own the road- kenney chesney

    those are all good ones and i cant think of any more at the moment

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    “Circle of Love” by Jeff Bates.

    It starts off as childhood and goes on through early adulthood.

  • cglisthebest
    1 month ago

    Try some Taylor Swift songs about love. She has A LOT of them.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    “Tree of Hearts” by Bryan White

    “Jacob’s Ladder” by Mark Wills

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Allen Jackson has one about his grandparents.

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