When can I change the balls on my belly piercing?

I got my belly pierced 4 days ago – and for my birthday my sister got my a belly bar with extra balls for the bottom ball. Thy are surgical steel so I was just wondering how long it will be until I can change the lower ball? Thank You in Advance!

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  • 8 days ago

    Belly button piercings take at least 6 months to fully heal ( up to a year ) and only if treated properly for the whole healing period. If not, healing time gets even greater.

    It’s far from safe to change the jewelry bar or the jewelry balls on an unhealed piercing.

    What you will be risking : Irritation, infections, bumps that are hard to treat, yellowish discharge, pain, swelling, rejection.

    The new jewelry or jewelry balls and all the tools that will be used need to be sterilized in an autoclave first, but apart from that changing the balls on an unhealed piercing can easily trigger hypertrophic scarring bumps which can be treated but take a really long time to go away and they look nasty.

    So take the safe road, keep cleaning the piercing with sea salt soaks twice a day and be patient if you want to avoid issues and have a healthy and good looking piercing.

    Until the piercing is fully healed you don’t : Touch the piercing, twist the jewelry, change the jewelry or take it out, sleep on it, play with it, but only touch it with freshly washed hands to clean it.

  • Amber
    8 days ago

    The bottom ball on the bar it was pierced with will not screw off if it was done with a proper bar.

    Which means to change the ball you’ll have to change the bar, which you have to wait 3 months to do 🙂

  • Shannon
    8 days ago

    You can change the bottom ball whenever your ready because it don’t actually take the rod out of your belly, but you do have to be careful as it can be tricky to get it out without hurting.

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