When did Gerber stop making Blueberry Buckle? ?

Do you know of any place online I can still get it????

9 answers by real people - When did Gerber stop making Blueberry Buckle? ?

  • 1 month ago

    You can 1st try the Gerber website!

  • cauthorne
    4 days ago

    Gerber Blueberry Buckle

  • armand
    5 days ago

    Blueberry Buckle Baby Food

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    When did Gerber stop making Blueberry Buckle? ?

    Do you know of any place online I can still get it????

  • hermionesmama
    1 month ago

    I just bought some a couple of weeks ago. Maybe your store just discontinued selling it. As for allergies, I honestly haven’t even really worried about them. My ped said that the only real concern is in babies with a family history of food allergies. No one in either my family or my husband’s family is allergic to anything. Personally, I think all the hub-bub is questionable. How did any of us make it to adulthood? My parents fed us table food too early, we had peanut butter when we were too little, I had blueberry buckle growing up. No one knew anything about all this allergy stuff.

  • Tamee
    6 days ago

    Water (main ingredient), Blueberries, Sugar(no nutritional benefit) , Corn Starch (filler- no nutritional benefit), Wheat Flour (allergen), Vanilla (no nutritional benefit) , Citric Acid, Vitamin C, Lemon Juice Concentrate (no nutritional benefit) And Extractives Of Cinnamon And Ginger (no nutritional benefit). Geared for adults to taste and want to purchase more. For baby food nutrition look for food as 1st ingredient on the label, then water for processing, and finally ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which stabilizes the product.

  • Mama of 4 Boys
    1 month ago

    They seriously stopped making it???? That sucks. My 3rd son is starting to eat baby food and I was really looking forward to feeding him that, since my other 2 enjoyed it so much!

  • dKm
    1 month ago

    I’m more worried about why they’re putting all of their food in plastic containers! I much prefer the glass!

  • Wilma Duckie Deene
    1 month ago

    Hate to say this, but about time. Berries for babies can cause more allergic reactions.

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