Why does all coffee suddenly taste bad to me?

This all started 2 weeks ago. I was a heavy coffee drinker, usually at least 8 cups a day. One morning however, I brewed a pot and when I took that first sip I nearly spat it out it tasted so awful. There was a strange, coppery taste, very acidic that completely overpowered the coffee. I chalked it up to expired grounds, and later that day bought a new, different brand. Brought the cup to my lips and BLEEURGH. SAME exact taste.

Over the next couple of days I experimented with high end brands and different coffee makers/methods, but the taste NEVER LEFT. From drip brewers to french pressed, ground roast to whole beans, light to dark, homebrewed to starbucks, EVERY cup of coffee had that awful metallic taste.

What happened to my taste buds? Coffee of any variety used to taste like heaven to me, now it’s all sludge. The occurrence of the taste coincided with me getting some cold like symptoms, but these have long since disappeared, so I don’t believe it is related. Please, please help me figure out what is going on here.


I have a feeling that someone who doesn’t actually read the question will suggest that I clean my coffee maker. I have done this, as well as tried coffee from a variety of other sources but it all tastes the same. Also, when I smell the beans themselves, the aroma has that same metallic scent, so it’s from the coffee itself.

I have a feeling that someone who doesn’t actually read the question will suggest that I clean my coffee maker. I have done this, as well as tried coffee from a variety of other sources but it all tastes the same. Also, when I smell the beans themselves, the aroma has that same metallic scent, so it’s from the coffee itself.

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  • 9 days ago

    Ok sweetheart listen up im the same as you i don’t really care for the bitter taste of coffee but im in love with frappucinos i like creamy cold coffee because it taste better than hot bitter coffee.

  • Kerry
    5 days ago

    In the last week coffee tastes just awful. At first I thought it was the brand that was offered to me at a meeting. Then I had my regular brand at home and the same thing. My sister has posh brewed coffee which I normally love. I couldn’t take a second sip. All of it tastes so bitter and I feel instantly sick. I have tried lactose free milk, oat milk, rice milk to rule out milk as the problem. The only big change in my habits is that I have been eating clean for a couple of weeks. Perhaps my cleaner body is just rejecting it as bad food? I’m going to try tea as the replacement.

  • brad
    5 days ago

    Nope this happened to me Saturday morning 2 Days ago.It s Monday now. I love coffee, I love the smell,grinding the beans boiling the water and make it strong with a Bodum press. Then a bit of cream No sugar. I have a big bag of organic Dark roast its one of my favorites ….its half full. But Saturday I got up with the kids, my wife slept in. Happiness Cartoons, Giggling kids and Ipads the perfect start to the weekend, and I was going to make my wonderful coffee. Then if my wife didn t wake up in a few hours we would all wake her with brekkie in bed. Everything was wonderful . What ? is this cream bad ? I just cracked the seal. It reads its good for weeks. Some kind of odd coppery taste in my coffee. Must be me tooth paste. I drink some more. Four good sips in and its still there. I have my daughter taste the cream.” Yummy can i have a glass Dad ?” no smell to the cream at all. My son sips the cream.” OHHH that is the stuff at the restaurants in the little cups that i peel the lids and drink” he says. ( yes my kids do shots of creamer) Its not the cream. I smell the beans and somehow they smell different. Did it go bad ? They were good yesterday. Well, I have an unopened bag. I open it…. put my nose in the bag and smell deep expecting that satisfying magical smell. What ? whats going on ? It smells different ! I make coffee with it anyway. There it is that same taste…. kind of light at first then the finish is coppery. WTF !!! Ok lets try the Hazlenut beans. SAME !! Ok I get the emergency can of ILLY medium roast Ground Espresso. Same thing. So now everything sucks and is ruined. WHY ? what happened ? I will go out and try a coffee. But it seems unlikely all my coffee went bad at the same time.

  • MissAnnThropie
    5 days ago

    I started with this a few weeks ago, for no reason it smells and tastes bitter. No matter what I try -different coffee, even a new machine! Its my only vice and makes my morning wonderful… So sad. Hope someone gets to the bottom of this for us all… fingers crossed fellow coffee friends.

  • Michael
    7 days ago

    I don’t know the answer but am experiencing the same phenomenon. I can only assume that they are now putting the whole coffee plant in the container. It appears related chronologically to the warnings a few years ago that coffee was going to be getting scarce due to climate change…then all the warnings seemed to go away, which leads me to think that they are putting some kind of “fillers” in along with it. Maybe they are using the pink slime that used to go into hamburger?

  • Karen Lee
    5 days ago

    I am having this problem. I love coffee too. Suddenly it started tasting bitter. Too bitter, like lingering bitter aftertaste, yuck. It s been going on for a couple of weeks. I tried different brands (drip) and my favorite instant (Green Mountain) which was light and sweet before. They all taste bitter. No toothpaste changes or bleaching. No clue. 54 YO female.

  • Beth
    5 days ago

    I thought it was just me! Mine started about 2 months ago, maybe longer. I have tried several different kinds and even changed coffee makers. It used to be my favorite thing every morning! Now I make it, take one sip and down the drain it goes. It’s heartbreaking. That was “my time” each day. Glad I’m not the only one experiencing it though.

  • Jlyn
    5 days ago

    This happened to me a few weeks ago! I changed out my travel mug, which was stainless steel for a ceramic one. Didn’t help. I thought it was our machine, so I purchased coffee and that didn’t help. I thought it might be a medication I’m on, so I stopped taking it! Hasn’t helped. I’m fine with tea or anything else. It’s just coffee!

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    that’s exciting. I even have given it up besides. It made me ill. i won’t be in a position to account to your universal journey. have faith your instincts. i might parent there are various chemical approaches that coffee beans submit to to grow to be roasted and floor. in case you have some programs at abode, call the 800 form, and tell the provider representative of your journey with their type. a similar for the aforementioned franchise. they might desire to appreciate approximately this. there is not any reason to have coffee in case you may sidestep it. change to green tea. Have it devoid of sugar and don’t assume great style, yet great reward.

  • Daniel
    5 days ago

    This has just happened to my fiancé. The only thing we ve been able to isolate as a possible reason is that she recently used Cretpst 1-Hour White Stips.

    Anyone else change toothpaste or do teeth whitening?

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  1. Every coffee shop in Portland, Oregon I have been to has this awful tasting coffee you are talking about. There must be something wrong with the beans. The same thing with fruit here, apples and bananas at least, that awful taste. The air and water are polluted. The electrosmog in the air is what I suspect is causing this. The owners of these coffee shops know the coffee is bad but sell it to unsuspecting customers anyway. It is their business, to sell coffee of course, but I am not buying the crap anymore, and neither should you.

  2. i live in europe and this started happening to me last week. i used to drink coffee ad nauseum; hot, cold, canned, etc etc. But now I get a weird taste and it’s driving me crazy!!! I’ve had roasted, instant, home brewed, office brewed, etc etc. doesn’t matter.

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