why does my budgie sleep with her eyes open? Is this normal?

I have a 8 month old budgie and i notice that when she naps, she has her eyes open and when it’s night time and she is getting ready for bed, she stands on her perch with her eyes open. What does this mean?

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  • 1 month ago

    Since she is alone i presume, is is scared to death. Quiet means to budgies/parakeets that something is about to happened to them. Out in the wild, whenever their is more then just one bird, they take turns sleeping while the other one stays awake and guards the others.

    So, your budgie is staying awake while the lights are off and is probably sleeping during the day time. I know that as a fact because every now and then, I check up on my parakeets during the night with no lights on. I go to the main cage and Ican see 1 or 2 birds up while the rest are asleep with their eyes completly close. Same thing happens to the parakeets that their cage is next to my bed. I can heard one up while the other is asleep then later on, the one that was asleep wakes up and the one that was wake, goes to sleep.

    My suggestion to you would be to get your budgie a friend so that she won’t be awake during the night time always. Good luck!!!

    — PA

  • who are you
    1 month ago

    Are her eyes open all the time? I own a keet and he sometimes naps with one eye shut and one eye open. When your keet goes to bed, you say standing on the perch, does she turn her head or stand on one foot? 8 months is really young to worry about all this, as long as she sleeps, eats, plays, and drinks, it should be ok. Then again she just might be too scared to fall asleep when you’re looking at her. If this is the case, spend more time with her ie. Talking, finger training. Hope this helps.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    They poop round each quarter-hour, it feels like he’s in basic terms chilly or somewhat lower than pressure from the unexpected flow. She received’t eat or drink or flow round alot till after some days.

  • Creston
    1 month ago

    no that is not good

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